Reuters has a Surveillance Contract with ICE

Media company Thomson-Reuters is making millions by supplying ICE agents with access to billions of license plate records. Government agents are actively using this data to target immigrant families and violate millions of people’s privacy and human rights. Reuters journalists have taken strong stands in the past. If they speak up about this, it could be the fastest way to get the company to drop the contract. Use the button to tweet at Reuters reporters and ask them to speak up!

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Hi @christaylor_nyc, did you know that @Reuters has a contract selling dangerous surveillance software to ICE? Please stand up for human rights and press freedom by speaking out against this.

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Thomson-Reuters has created a massive database of ordinary people across America. This database includes public and proprietary information on who you are, what you own, where you work, and with whom you associate. And if that isn’t bad enough, in 2017, Thomson-Reuters partnered with a company called Vigilant to include more than 6 billion vehicle detections in this database … meaning that Thomson-Reuters has the ability to track you wherever you go.

Typically, when law enforcement officers want to track someone, they need to obtain a warrant to do so. The reason for this is obvious. Giving police the ability to watch everyone at all times is a gross violation of our Constitutionally-protected right to ">privacy.

But ICE has circumvented the US Constitution by purchasing access to Thomson-Reuters’ database for over 9,000 ICE officers. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers have been known to ">abuse confidential data to settle personal vendettas, snoop into other people’s personal business, and sometimes even stalk and harass. There’s simply no reason that anyone should have the power to track your every move without probable cause.

Join us in calling on Reuters journalists to speak up about this contract, and demand that Thomson-Reuters stop selling dangerous surveillance software to ICE.

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